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Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy describes the usage of cookies while a user is on the Youstar Connect website. Remember that when you visit our site, we may use cookies to gather information regarding the devices you are using for this purpose. Besides, our ads may appear on different third-party websites, applications, or platforms, and we would also use cookies to receive such data about your devices.

What are Cookies?

Such cookies as third-party or persistent cookies can help track and customise the content while storing users’ information upon visiting our website. When you revisit the website with such a browser, cookies make it possible for the website to identify you and sometimes customise what you watch based on your preferences.

What are Cookies Used For?

Cookies aid in device functioning and many important components of a website. However, some cookies are vital for your device loading or streaming information, and moving around other website pages. Without them, the services or features you need may be impossible to benefit from. Examples include.

  • Information displayed on your computer, phone, or tablet in such a way that allows you to read the website.
  • Navigating through a website smoothly.
  • As long as you are browsing this webpage.


These cookies, also called Analytics Cookies, are observed at an aggregate level, and we do not use them to track you. However, we use cookies to:

  • Keep information pertinent and up-to-date
  • Identify the way you navigate our website
  • Address and remove any technical problems affecting the website

These cookies help us bring improvement to your “user experience” while providing pertinent information and improving services to satisfy your needs. We use these cookies to monitor the performance of our website and user actions, but we do not use them to collect identifiable information.

Cookies Explained

Your personal information generated by cookies will not be sold to any third party but is meant only for analysis to improve your interface experience while transacting on the Youstar Connect website.

How To Control Your Cookies

Some browsers have the capability of rejecting cookies, and you can switch off such cookies in your browser’s settings. However, refusing cookies may hinder you from accessing some website areas, services, or features. When visiting our website, you might receive a message asking you to accept the use of cookies before fully accessing or using the site. These cookies help us or our website keep its information relevant and up to date while tracking how you visit the website pages and fixing any technical issues. They make the website better, improve the user experience, and help us seamlessly provide the information and services users need.


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